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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Updates April 09, 2014

What's New

- Kpop
     - Girls Generation (SNSD) and 2ne1's comeback battle has ended. (Girls Generation wins)
     - Jackie Chan's new boyband JJCC (Double JC) made their comeback and MV

- Europe
     - The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final is a month away and the songs
        HERE! Armenia's Aram Mp3 is the betting bookie's favorite but Sweden,
        Austria, United Kingdom, Norway,  FYR Macedonia, and Russia could take
        it away.
      - New Music: Ace Wilder (Sweden), Helena Paripazou (Greece)

- Latin America
     - FIFA World Cup album is released. Featured artist are Pitbull, Jennifer
       Lopez, Ricky Martin, David Correy, Adelen, ect. (Haven't listened to it yet)

- I completely forgot this blog exist. haha My bad.

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