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Thursday, March 17, 2016


Nice little disco boogie oogie woogie song. Best from SNUPER by far. Love for lower tier boybands.

The BAD:
Disposable. But what Kpop song isn't? It's good the first few times you listen to it then it fades.

Move over, old school k-artists! You have competition! The newer groups can make cheaply made songs like you do!

Spanish Eurovision Pre-Review 2016

1. Maverick - Un Mondo Má Felizé
- If I were shopping at a Mexican/Latin clothing store, this would be the background music. Makes my hips shake but not my Eurovision ticket. 6 out of 10 pancho hoodies.

2. Salvador Beltran - Días de AlegĂ­er

- Similar to Maverick's song but more to it. Slightly better but still not really worth it. I hope the performance makes up for it. 6.5 out of 10 matching shoes for my panchos. 3. Maria Isabel - La Vida Solo Es Una - Decent but not a topper. She's better than the last two dudes by a mile but she sounds like other Mediterranean female artists. Not a bad thing (I like firey Med Terra divas) but I feel she'll be overlooked. 7 out 10 fiery suns! 4. ELECTRIC NANA - Now - Sounds like Scandinavian pop rock (aka Swedes might like it). It's quality. She even adds a cool edge to it (as if singing in part English wasn't edgy enough) and lights up my heart with promise that this selection will have variety! Alternative NOW! 7.5 out of 10 shades of red hair dye! 5. Xuso Jones - Victorious - EUROPOP EXTRAVAGANZA! That Euro-phoric trance could do it here. Plus, a little sausage couldn't hurt in Stockholm. 8 out of 10 fist pumps in the air in the club. 6. Barei - Say Yay - Everyone's hype off this one. A little Lady Gaga-esque and lively, this song could also do it with Victorious. I can't describe it... It hits you hard from the first 5 second- no... THE FIRST 3 SECONDS! This definitely ties with Victorious but could even beat that. 8 out of 10 Yay yay yays!

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