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Friday, May 29, 2015

SHINee's Comeback Stage of "View" and its House Music Real Boogie Goodness!

First, KARA shooting our hearts out. Now, SHINee!? :D

I'm not good with words (check out my akaward posts) so check out the beautiful -ful -ful -ful view below:


And they won their first weekly award for View on Show Champion. Could they be the champion idols this year... Well, Big Bang has seen to that but they could do well in the A tier groups.

KARA's Comeback Stage!!!


Here's "Starlight"
Asian karioke boogie dance goodness!

And the well done staging of "Cupid"

And they weren't the only ones!

So Lim Kim Came Out With "Awoo"...

And no one told me!?

I hate you. Yes, you reading right now. You could've told someone who could've told someone who could've told someone else who could have told ME!

Instead I had to watch it a month late. Pfft. And in all it's awesomeness.

 Performance (Inkigayo):

F*ck up off my page. Or I'm sic love you on you... Quit denying... Oh love's gonna get ya.
 If you've forgotten her famous songs:

Love Game

And, still my favorite, Voice that showcased her voice!

Thursday, May 28, 2015

France Wll Return For Eurovision 2016... Regardless Of Bad Result

I'm happy but wouldn't be surprised if they dropped out.

From Wiwibloggs:

    "At Eurovision 2015, French songstress Lisa Angell delivered a breathtaking performance of  “N’Oubliez pas”. Yet Europe — apparently unmoved — only awarded her four points, which left her in 25th position. French officials had harsh words about the result (so did Anggun), and that led Eurofans to worry that France would withdraw. France seemed to move from “N’Oubliez pas” to “Oubliez-moi” and we braced for the worst. Well it’s time to chillax. Today Charts in France reports that France 2 will return to Eurovision in 2016. That’s right: FRANCE WILL NOT WITHDRAW!"

Kpop: SEVENTEEN's Debut Stage

Finally and they didn't disappoint. Not as epic and well delivered as other debuts but still worth watching and worth noting their potential as rookies.

Here's both debut performances from Show Champion:

Junior Eurovision 2015! (Open)

All The Countries

1. Albania - Mishela Rapo - Dambaje (Goddess Crop)

2. Armenia - Michael Varosyan - Song date TBA

3. Belarus - Artists for NS are choosen - August 21st

4. Bulgaria (host country)* song will be in Bulgarian - NS - All artists reveal on July 1st

5. FYR of Macedonia - TBA

6. Georgia* song will be in Georgian

7. Ireland (debut country)* song will be in Irish Gaelic. Possible Eurosong contest.

8. Italy - Internal Selection on Ti lascio una canzone - September 12th

9. Malta (host of 2014)

10. Montenegro - Jana Mirković will represent with the song "Oluja" (Storm)

11. Russia - will use NS to choose participant

12. The Netherlands the song will be in Dutch and selections are on October 3

13. Slovenia* the song will be in Slovene - Kids version of EMA will be the NS

14. Sweden*  Participation is unlikely - No Lila Melodifestivalen this year.

15. Ukraine - Artists for NF are chosen - Aug. 22

*To Be Announced

Other Updates, Rumors, And Withdraws:

-  Andorra -

Where is Andorra? Wont be at the JESC. They're broke.
-  Armenia - They'll decide in June.
- Austria - Hell no, we wont go!.
- Czech Republic - Nope
- Germany - NDR says no but ZDF might.
- Hungary - They wanted to so they checked out the Belarusian NS in 2014 to learn how to make a national selection... Wanna watch it?
- Iceland - It is too cold to send outside. Much less, to a song contest. Even Hera Bjork needed warmers!
- Latvia - No sir! Saving our money for Supernova!
- Lithuania - No. And I hope you fail!
-  Montenegro -
RTCG: Hmm. Seems legit. We'll try it!
- Norway - There's no MGP Nordic anymore and we're still clinging on to MGP Jr... Might as well.
- Romania - *asleep* Gotta wait until they wake up.
- San Marino - Maybe. We can pick a song. Maybe. People will actually vote for use. Maybe.
- Serbia - Wait til the Eurovision confetti settles and we'll see if it's worth another go.
- Ukraine - I don't know. Maybe. Crimera warring wont our sponsors. Maybe. We'll send a diva to rock the mic. Maybe. We can make Rusalana baby sized. Maybe.
- Spain -
 TVE - 2007! 2007! But since then, you've been playing, EBU! Lemme in!

Junior Eurovison: Albania Has Chosen!

As if we were just reeling off the big one...

Here come the babies!

Our first bundle of joy comes from Afric- I mean Albania. Now, they've given us one of the Warrior divas of Eurovision 2015 so it's fitting they'd send another. Edurne must've been on their minds for the jungle theme.

Say what you want about UNICEF for Africa type songs but you see how Russia did!

The song title is named after a small city in Nepal. Literally meaning Goddess Crop, I'm assuming Nepal is poor. How fitting it is that the least developed country in this contest name themselves after the least developed city in the world!

Nina Subatti's new song Dark Desire

Already songs good. She's kept to her intense artsy fartsy electronica ways. This time much slower and smoother.

Click here for the clip of the bloodshed she unleased on all the women copying Conchita:

Wonder who'll be copying Nina in 2016. I wouldn't be surprise if Junior Eurovision has a list of little girls for the slaughter. Speaking of Junior Eurovision...

Eurovision Meme (Unfinished)

Erdurne has been in a LOT of Eurovision memes since the final.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Funny and Interesting Kpop Reactions and Reactors of the Week!

Kenny AKM - Jay Park's Sex... Triiiiip!

Eurovision is OVER! ... Now what?


1. Check my blog for new stuff Eurovision related.

2. Check out music from the contestants outside of Eurovision.

3. Have you watch the nation selections? Check out my favorites: Melodifestivalen, MGP Norsk, MGP Dansk, Malta's Eurosong, Latvia's Supernova, and more.

4. Watch old Eurovision vids. How far back can you go? I've went to 2004 so not that far. 1999 was pretty awesome.

5. Other fun ESC sites like and others. Click here to see what all the "buzz" is about.

6. Get a hobby. Stamp collecting, sports, chess, sewing, motorcycle, blogging about nothing.

7. Make up top 10 lists for the sake of it.

8. Make your own Eurovision and have, like, 10 or 15 people vote on it! (kill yourself if you try this... Nothing's like the real thing. I'm talking to you, Asia.)

9. Junior Eurovision is this November. Missed last years? I promise it's just as good.

10. If you're still bored with life after Eurovision, you have problems only the Lord can solve.

Remember: Next Eurovision will be in Sweden (again) in May 2016.

Kpop: SHINee's View
OMG! SHINee is back! With a new sound... Well, it's House music so it's nothing new.

But they're back so IDGAF!!!

It's comeback season for most big names (Big Bang and BTS) and commercial releases for others who want to rack up funds for their soon-to-be epic comeback stages (BoA and Girls Generation).

If the fan girls didn't want the penis before, they'll want it now. A man telling his girl that she's a beautiful view view view view view in this brainwashing way makes it happen.

Anyone older than 13 knows what "it" is.

They know.

If she doesn't, she will. #rape

LDN Noise, who is known for writing "Sniper" for Shinhwa and the new song from Nathan Sykes called "Kiss Me Quick", wrote and produced this song along with Jonghyun. Jonghyun may not have outdone Taemin's Danger but his recent successes make up for it.

Here's SHINee's commercial release when they were trying to pay for their comeback.

SHINee - Your Number (Dance Version)

And Jonghyun's debut Crazy:

The Winner Of Eurovision Is... Sweden!

If you didn't watch and was living under a soundproof rock on Saturday, you'd know the Scandinavians have done it aging. This is Sweden's 6th success making this the land of meatballs' the 2nd winningest country behind the always classic Ireland. (Better yall better work on that Eurosong now, like Johnny Logan said.)
Because Melfest does not play.

Simple yet effective, his laser projection stick figure buddy and he's I've-only-got-one-shot-in-me dance moves brought light to an otherwise dead competition of depressed screaming cats in heat.

I'M A WARRIOAAAHHHH! HIYIEYIEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH! Mi corazon! Gimo muchas veces! Le gusta cuando mi brest resuenan?

That was a dumb joke but you got it.

SVT (the swedish tv station that deals with swedish eurovison and Melfest) has already started making plans and will talk with Jon Ola Sand as his homies about letting Denmark or another Scandi win next years Eurovison Song Contest. Details are next month and you'll know when I tell you.

Until then, here's this years' euro and Euro of years past.


2014 (bearded lady in this one too!)

Scandipop: Eric Saade's A Girl From Sweden... Gangstalicious
Scandi meets trap music sound. Eric Saade might not have won Melfest 2015 but he can still walk like a winner with his Swedish girl. Only about 100,000 views in 5 days but worth the listen. Better watch soon because he's off for a weekend in Paris and heading to Miami as we speak. Grattis!

Here's his Melodifestivalen 2015 entry if you're still reeling off of Sting.

Or if you've forgotten his Eurovision 2011 3rd place entry:

Stay tuned for more Eric Saade goodness!

Friday, May 15, 2015

SHINee! Stop Teasing Us With Teasers!

No. Don't stop! Build up anticipation! Yall said May 15th and I'm here still waiting on you!

Until then, here's there latest commercial release from last month. 2000s pop RnB feed-good goodness smeared on the track! Wacha!

I know it's the dance version. It's better than the MV.
And the Queen of Kpop is back! THank ya Lawd!

BoA - Kiss My Lips