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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Milan Stankovic - Fejs (Face) MV

Jumpy type of europop song electronica. When I play this I imagine a commercial for a new mp3 player (who still buys those?). In the ad, Milan's in a colorful urbanscape with skyscrapers far off and a street with little cracks and ungodly amounts of bright green colored grass growing from them.

And they're were backup dances with good rave dance choreography matching the song. Girls showing off their awesome, badass raver clothing styles.

Makes me wanna put on my raver shoes and board a plane.

Did I mention it's a Raver type music.

Oh, and the music video is pretty good. Watch it.

Updates April 09, 2014

What's New

- Kpop
     - Girls Generation (SNSD) and 2ne1's comeback battle has ended. (Girls Generation wins)
     - Jackie Chan's new boyband JJCC (Double JC) made their comeback and MV

- Europe
     - The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final is a month away and the songs
        HERE! Armenia's Aram Mp3 is the betting bookie's favorite but Sweden,
        Austria, United Kingdom, Norway,  FYR Macedonia, and Russia could take
        it away.
      - New Music: Ace Wilder (Sweden), Helena Paripazou (Greece)

- Latin America
     - FIFA World Cup album is released. Featured artist are Pitbull, Jennifer
       Lopez, Ricky Martin, David Correy, Adelen, ect. (Haven't listened to it yet)

- I completely forgot this blog exist. haha My bad.

Milica Todorovic - Tri case

I just found her today. Typical turbo folk but good folk from Serbia.