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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bulgaira's Junior Eurovision Selection First Semi Final!

Watch the video here: (Using Google Translate to English)

9:00 - I think she tried to reinvent Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" and it kinda worked. A for effort; I'm quite pleased. She's also a fan of Fergie, I think. (I don't speak Bulgarian but I heard "Fergie" get thrown around 3 times. I give her a 3.5 out of 5

14:10 - Next singer sings Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga. She's pretty good. She can hold herself on a stage well enough. Very energetic that one but it seems like the judges gave her some constructive criticism... But the judge to the left liked her performance a lot and defended her. I give her a 4 out of 5.

19:45 - Video HALFTIME! This is a decent selection. Humble but still entertaining!

20: 50 - Forgive me but I can't understand what the hell this song is. lol He sounds mature and almost commanding. He even had one judge bump him head - always a good sign. Would love to see him in the final. Anyone notice the star on the floor btw? lol

30:35 - Next singer performs One Night Only by Jennifer Hudson. (I swear I'ma learn names by the final) Good voice on her but she seems very timid. Not sure if timid is a good or bad thing but her voice was enough. Hopefully, if she gets though, she'll handle herself better



1:30 - Song is in Bulgarian so I don't know I don't it. She looks so sweet and reminds me of Russian's JESC entry for 2014. I give her a 3 out of 5.

9:10 - Next act performance "Mercy" by Duffy. lol I didn't expect him. I hope he gets through. Would love to see him on the JESC stage for Bulgaria and compete with Georgia. Vocals are a little off but he made me smile. :) I give him a 4.5 out of 5.


And that's all. Ican Stoyanov, Eleonora Ivanova, and Paul Mateev went through.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kpop: CL/Diplo/Riff Raff/OG Maco - Doctor Pepper MV

Oh come on! You watched it only for CL. Not Diplo or the other dude.

B*TCH I GUESSED IT! ... And I was right, wasn't I?

CL's beat dropped a couple of months ago but the video is here! Keep a open mind as this is not a Kpop song but a Kpop artist doing an American hip hop song collab, please? So tired of the kpop stans giving this so much hate. I'm judging her as if she were a hip hop artist in America for that reason.

Also, THIS IS NOT HER USA DEBUT. Don't get sad over this song.

The Good: Catchy as faq. Like the monotone melody (if that exists) and ratchet delivery of CL's verse. Riff Raff and OG Maco held their own as well.

The Bad: Basic hip hop song. She sounds like any other rapper and leaves me feeling unconvinced. I know CL for her usual awesomeness but most Americans don't know who she is yet. I'm not worried because she is getting good exposure for this song but will the kpop fans be with her? I don't know.

The Ugly: IT'S A COLLAB! Keep the high expections low for any hip hop collab. It's just a simple showcase for rappers. Nothing more. You know the GBZ, The Baddest Female, can do better than that.

I give this 3 out of 5 Blinded Pikachus

Now where my bad girls at? Where you at?

JESC: Ukraine Finalist Preview Reactions

Hannah Katrina - Fly

She could do alright. Sounds a little UNICEF for Africa ish but it's likable.

Alisa Panchuk - Spivay

Good voice but the song is like meh.

Sofia Dobryvecher - My Khochemo Myru

Weird notes. Is the heart important in her performance? We'll see on Saturday.

Voice Land - Dytnstvo

Nice name. They remind me of San Marino's The Pepperments from last year's JESC. They sound like hot mess but that may change.

Nina Boikova - Rozmalyuy Moyi Sny

I've faith in her. I'm interested in what that art set in the background is about.

Victoriya Svyatogor - Sylna. Vilna.

Sounds like it came straight out of Ukraine. If it gets picked, would Europe like it? IDK.

Fresh - Zhyvy Na Povnu

It's Symphonik with a more fun song. Lots of jumping. Might be lost though.

Anna Trincher - Pochny z Sebe

She'll do ok. I love that she doesn't over do it. She's got a good voice.

Yarina Taras - Povir u Chudesa

Grabbed me instantly. I like the stand she's on. Looks like she stole Symphonik and made them her backup singers. lol

Sofia Yaremova - Salsa

Mixed reaction about this one but Ukraine is known for revamping songs so this could do very well if remade.

Mariya Karogodska - V Sertsi Muzyka Ye

My fav so far. Something that kids would like. Love the concepts and the light up shoes. lol Very colorful personality.

Nazar Stinyanskiy - Come On

He's got something going on. Good voice.

Zabava - Lety

Reminds me of Symphonik... Not promising. Don't get me wrong but this songs like the song Symphonik would've followed up on.

Anastasiya Tkachuk - Moya Zemlya

Slavic but sounds Iberian. I can feel the sun and sand when the beat drops in. lol But am I the only one? Hmm. But Hey HEY!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

JESC: Georgia's 3 girl - 1 boy Group. Bring Out The Weird And Crazy!!!





Georgia does it again! With Bzikebistudio, they will bring a psycho, crazy, zany, wild, but child-like experience to the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2015 in Sofia, Bulgaria! 

You want to know the group? Alright then!

Elene Kezhrishvili (11) - she loves to swim and jams to hip hop music

Lizi Tavberidze (12) - Likes to sing, dance, draw, and play football (football or asso. football IDK), not to be confused with Lizi Pop from last year but could be just as interesting and exciting

Tako Gagnidze (11) - Enjoys singing, dancing, and drawing like her bandmate Lizi. He name makes me hungry.
Yes, you are!
Data Pavliashvili (12) - He likes to swim and enjoys playing football. The only dude in the group but looks at other 1 men groups Georgia has sent and tell me how he's not important...

Oh yeah! Get ready for Georgia!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Eurovision: Inga & Anush - Aprelu April

So dramatic.

Kpop: ANDA - Touch MV Korean Miley Cyrus!!!


The Good: Sensual sexy but not sloppy sexy. Fanboys, run away! This is for the ladies but it's not lesbian! Good for a house party full of red cups and one night stands. She stands above the rest of solo korean artists.

And that dance though! "cause if you gone be mine/you don't have to waste your time

The Bad: It's americanized and the fanboys aren't gonna feel it. Plus, kpop females are about playing with the idea of sex but never giving it all up. She's not offense - actually, it's quite tasteful outside the booty pops and the Rihanna-style crotch patdowns - but there's not a lot of fantasy. A lot of fun but no fantasy.

The Ugly: Anda had some FUUUUN! with this vid. You can tell she's no big time idol but she'd have fun at least charting on Mnet and Melon... And that's hard to do

3.5/5 Handclaps.


And ill you are. SO SIIIIIIICK!

The Good: Clubber song by Bravesound. The horn punches and the modest beats of bass made this electronica piece worth moving to under the bright lights of the club.

The Bad: Pretty Unremarkable. Bravesound improved it but still pretty bland for the most part. The hook wasn't even all that catch. Meh.

The Ugly: It's HELLOVENUS... Sorry if I've offended but I call a spade a spade.

2/5 Beat Drops. Good effort. Fans will like but this will be forgotten after a couple of weeks. Especailly with SHINee, Cheetah, and the Wonder Girls eating up Melon Charts.

Monday, August 3, 2015

CL Performing At Mad Decent Block Party



Put it on ice, doctor pepper!

Eurovision: Tamar Kaprelin - The Otherside

6 Eurovision Stars Come Together For a Song.

And it's actually GOOD! (Better than Genealogy!)

American member Tamar Kaprelin brought together Genealogy bandmate from Japan Stephanie Topalian, Elhaida Dani (Albania), Elina Born (Estonia), & Maria Elena Kyriakou (Greece) got togehter for a basic ballad about seeing another's pain... From the other side.


The Good: Tamar had 4 other Eurovision stars got together and made a song and it WASN'T A MESS! :O 12 points to her! The song had a natural feel that sounds like it was made and agreed over a cup of coffee in the morning, then they turned it into a UNICEF style international number.

Here are some examples if you don't know what I meant meant by UNICEF style songs


But it's a good song.

The Bad: Basic ballad. The message if beautiful and if even just one person in the world could hear it and it inspires them then it did it's job. Sadly, nothing new. (see songs above).

The Ugly: lol Tamar got 4 Eurovision participants with little to no chance of winning ESC 2015 (Sorry, Elina.) to sing with her.

Score: 3/5 ESC Participants

Kpop: Wonder Girls - I Feel You MV I WAS WRONG!!!


The comeback wasn't average at all. It's actually pretty good.


The Good: The 80s are back! Wonder Girls has made another hit. Yes, we entered inside Sunmi's panty party but what a party! The girls actually look natural and normal. Not at all cutesy and agaeyo-filled like most girl groups are doing to day so their natrual charm shines though. Don't expect dancing because they'll be too busy playing actual instruments and keeping to a cool retro vibe. And that rap part... OOOH!

Because cool kids don't dance. (BURN!)

The Bad: They don't dance and WHO ISN'T DOING A 80s THEMED SONG! Can Korea love their legendary unnies as usual or will the lack of choreography throw them off. Also, it's very american in taste... Or would Koreans even care?

The Ugly: Sunmi's croutch party... Don't eat the chips and dip.

Song gets a big 4/5 stars. Wonder what the Wonder Girls would wonder up next. I wonder...



The music video shoot will be promoted in Korea and the United States. What song, IDK. (Pray it's not Doctor Pepper)

Remeber the man working on promoting the album is Scooter Braun... Does Ariana Grande, Psy, Justin Beiber (don't cringe), and Carly Rae Jepsen ring a bell?

I have such high hopes for her... As rachet as that song is. (rachet = ghetto = uncivilized)

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kpop: SHINee - Married To The Music MV Craziness

Oh my GERD. The violence! The horror! The confetti!

I'm downplaying it but there was some serious violence. Shawols - you love your idols too much? Look away. These dudes are getting DECAPITATED and it is AWESOME!

Eyeballs getting knocked out.

Lips snatched off of faces.

Heads chopped off.

Noses ripped out.

Vomiting confetti!

Not for the Faint of Shawol heart.

The Good: Odd and funky beat the fits with the "Odd" album title in a good way. It feels like a follow up from "View" (I'ma keep mentioning that video, so sue me) but it's a good one. Key gets more sing parts here and we'll all been wanting that. Taemin and Jonghyun have hogged the spotlight for every other vid and now Key gets a chance. :)

The Bad: Cartoonish violence and the sensitive SHINee fans that watch it. Seriously, look away and wait for their comeback stage. Your hearts will thank you.

The Ugly: Hey! Halloween ain't until 2 months from now but Taemin already got his costume... No wait. That's his make up everyday. lol *cheap joke* Wonder if Koreans will love this song on October 31st or will BOYFRIEND do it again like last year.

What did vampires had to do with witches? Do BOYFRIEND fangirls care? NOPE!

Kpop: Cheetah - My Number MV

Hmm... Meh.

I expected better from the winner of Unpretty Rapstar.

Or maybe I'm too hash.

It's great music video with your usual Korean Hip Hop rugged and rough set up and the occasional Cholo or two.

Good: The MV is pretty cool. The beat's pretty nice and the imagery is gritty and feels like a cool ass house party. Not much else to say because...

Bad: It's like every other K-Hip Hop female rap song. Musical production wasn't the highest priority as it's a good beat but very minimalistic and offered little to the effect. She's choosy. She changes her men like phone numbers until she got the one. This just songs like Cheetah didn't even need to rap.

Ugly: YOU KNOW YOU CAN DO BETTER THAN THAT!!! Her rap game was lame in this song but we all know she has skills! Quit hiding and give us your best effort or cut the ppl who gave you this average booty song. Be big booty. THINK BIG BOOTY!

Europop... Sighs... Where Do I Begin.

Why I don't commit to Europop you ask? Well...

There's too many scene!!!

Scandipop, Dutch pop, French pop, Iberian pop (Spain and Portugal), Greece/Cyprus pop, Balkan pop (Serbia, Montenegro and others), Slavic pop (Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, and so many others), Turkish music, and *shakes in fear* Russian music.

And there's enough Russian music coverage for days.

I CAN'T DO IT! Oh no no no! lol

Kpop is a world by itself.

Eurovision is manageable and lets me cover some Europop

Now I'm not saying I'm gonna stop at those two; I just need a plan to post and talk about the music I love without being going on blogging overload. MVs, Teasers, Reviews, and details on the music market and the artists themselves takes a lot from you. That being said, don't expect a miracle any time soon.

With Bitter Love,


Scandipop, Vpop, Bollywood, and PopAraby

I'm extending my world beat pop music posts to music from:

Scandipop: Sweden (#1 country in pop music), Denmark, Finland (#1 country in heavy metal and death metal in the world), Iceland, and Norway (has a good RnB scene)

Vpop: Veitneses pop music because it's coming up in the Asian music scene.

Bollywood: Indian pop music. Mostly made for movies


PopAraby: music in Arabic. Mostly from Cario, Egypt and Beruit, Lebonon since those are the biggest music scenes.

I may expand to Europop but they're are so many scenes in Europe.

Friday, July 31, 2015

Eurovision: Jedward - Leave A Mark

I was too lazy to make a post so here's the MV and Wiwibloggs reaction.

"The video sees the Grimes brothers at a beach and sometimes with a horse. They’re giving their very best serious video face, and even jump in the ocean for a dramatic wet look. These scenes are cut with footage of icons of the 20th century – people like JFK, Marilyn Monroe, Muhammad Ali, Amelia Earhart and Nelson Mandela. All people who have, in different ways, left a mark."

Here's their previous Eurovision entries...



Kpop: Teasers of the Week!

Chettah - My Number

FINALLY! After she "won" Mnet's Unpretty Rapstar, you haven't really heard from her much outside of her, Jessi (runner up), and KangNam's "My Type". Glad to hear from her.


Wonder Girls - I Feel You

OMG! They're back and, like Taylor Swift, they're bringing the 1980s back! There's a party inside and you're all invited!


SHINee - Married To The Music

I'm guessing from the Title it'll be hip hop oriented. You see all the members are legally locked and wed to the jam playing out those car speakers. Love me SHINee and seeing how awesome "Your Number" and "View" turned out to be... This'll will be a hit.

This list updates until Sunday, August 2, 2015. Keep checking for new stuff!

kpop: PSY Goes Back To Roots! Goes Back To Being... PSY.

This is a good thing. Fame kind takes it out of you and him being between the USA and Korea is super confusing to everyone trying to establish PSY's identity.

Even for PSY himself.

I wish him the best in his future endeavors and will be excited when he comes out with new songs. In Korea or the USA.

Kpop MV: MIRYO (Brown Eyed Girls) With New Song "Queen"

The GOOD: Solitaire Sexy! She shows off her charm with different outfits based off of QUEENS from playing card. It works!

The BAD: The song is... meh. A basic K-hip hop song lots of Korean female artist do... And they never release them. Still, you can play this at a party and no one will be none the wiser but don't make this a forerunner to get everyone in the mood.

The UGLY: Cheap cheap cheap but she works with the best she's got! Couldn't GAIN have given her tips?

GAIN would've taught her lessons, not tips.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kpop: Wonder Girl's Official Teaser For "I Feel You"... My feels are STRONG!


Good: WONDER GIRLS IS BACK! Need to say more? From Sunmi's open crouch zoom in to the party inside of her sugar place! And that 80s theme though! I see high quality from my unnies!

Bad: Using the 80s theme is a safe choice but I fear for the song considering the 80s wasn't the best time for music. JYP never disappoints when it comes to songs but will it be enough? Can this song compete with Girl's Generation's Party when it comes to the hype factor?

Ugly: lol There's a party inside Sunmi's croutch! AND WE'RE ALL INVITED! Sex laced videos ftw! (Kpop subtle sexy, not USA pop sexy...)

Rihanna finally got her money...

JESC: Australia Recived The Junior Eurovision Invite!


Sweet lawd baby Jesus! A double whammy!

And the truth was good.

Thank you based god! Thank you Dennis Van Eersel from ESCDaily!
And you thought the Eurovision hype was over?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stellar's New MV - Vibrato... And Their Average Sexy Concepts... You Decide!

Meh. The song is nice but the hype on the "over-sexification" on Stellar isn't that bad.

There are crazier sexy songs...

Like Hyuna's Red... and her overall silly crazy sexiness

Gain's Paradise Lost... And the taboo love affair with her as Hawwah (Eve) and the snake in the Garden of Eden
That booty bounce tho! Turn on the light pleeeeease.

And the less than sexy 4Ladies - Move with some... Painfull... Dancing?

So Stellar went for an OK sexy concept? So what? They need sexier songs for a better reaction... Or at least a better song.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Latest Kpop Memes!

Catch them if you can!

lol Korean anorexia = anything but lettuce, carrots, and kamichi

VIPs only?  You named every Kpop fan.


Random Memes From Junior Eurovision 2014... Lazily Thrown Together

JESC: FINALLY! The Malta Eurovision Selection on!

Click Here if you want to see kids sing like grown ups!

Generic Logo!

1:30 - Show starts with a technical difficulty with Federicka Flazon singing Diamonds from last years JESC. Cheap selction is cheap. lol But she looks great.

4:45 - RETURN OF THE DREADED ADVERTIZING! (see the grown up Malta ESC selction for 2015)

6:30 - OH SNAP! Christer Bjorkman! He does Melodifestivalen! If he made Cyprus work, he'll make this work.

8:15 - Another ad... Drinking game anyone?

8:50 - Gaia Cauchi working the backstage.


9:30: -  Song #1 - Nicole Frendo singing Sam Smith's I'm Not The Only One. Never trust a young girl with a skirt up past up her knees. Good edition though but a competitive performance.

12:35 - Gaia and little girl with an adult SPEAKING voice... With a cute accent. Her engrish isn't great but SELFIE!

13: 20 - Song #2 -  Raisa Marie Micallef singing Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again from the play Phantom of the Opera. She might do ok... ADVERTISEMENT!

17:15 - Song #3 - Sarah Micallef singing Aretha Franklin's Respect. Oh no... ROFL. She's having so much fun up there. You sing crazy but RESPECT to you. I like her.

20:35 - Song #4 - Nicole Sciberras singing I Will Be by Leona Lewis. She sounds so normal. A refreshing voice among many powerlifter singers so far - because powerlifters carry the heaviest weight they can and hold it for a little while. But she can last.

24:10 - Song #5 - Veronica Rotin singing Jessie J's Mama Knows Best. She's carrying soul because she knows her mama knows best. What lunches to put in her box. What kind of band aid to put on her knees with her fav cartoon characters. She reminds of Russia's JESC 2014 rep if she went with a heavier song. And she's got Jesus on her necklace lace lace lace lace #KeshaReferances


Part 2 of the National Selection for Malta in the Junior Eurovision 2015 #Discover
Another Generic Logo! (fan made)

33:45 - Song #6 - Ilenia Camilleria singing The Dreamgirls' One Night Only. She doesn't have verbatto considering she's ONLY A KID but she did pretty well.

37:20 - Francesca Dimech singing Taylor Swift's Black Space... Don't worry. I wrote her name. She's off key for much of the performance but in a charming and cute way. #notpedo

41:10 - Song #7- Aidan Cassar singing Big Band Brother's Kemm Hu Sahih. Finally! A dude in this fish fest! He has an alright voice and you can tell he didn't come to compete but to showcase and he did that well. Grazie!


45:10 Song #8 - Chirstina Magrin singing Ceine Dion's I Surrender. In the words of Anastashia Petrik: YOU'LL NEVER MAKE ME SURRENDER! It's good but not a winner but she could win. You never know. A good song and she could do it!

49:05 - Song #9 - Thea Aquilina singing Frank Sinatra's That's Life. I love her singing but it's a little mature. Sounds sultry and jazzy in a way I'd feel weird about kids singing. #notpedo Hope she does well all the same.

53:30 - GatoNegro? Montenegro is gonna sue somebody! Say ADIO!


Part 3 of the kiddie fest! Lets get to it!

57:35 - Song #10 - Andy Shaw singing The Scirpt's Breakeven. Anyone remember this song? lol I liked back then when I was in high school. His performance for the song is left to be desired but his singing could be enough. Not great but enough. Kinda breathy but lacking breath... Just watch it and see what I mean.

1:00:00 - One hour into this... HOW DO YOU FEEL? Sleepy but interested like I am?

1:01:30 - Song #11 - Sarah Farrugia singing Bon Iver's Skinny Love. Is the 3rd part gonna be the good and different voices? Her voice could be a little softer for the singing style she's going for. Focus on emotion and depth instead of trying to belt... My first criticism so far! YAY!

1:05:25 - Song #12 - Kelsey Farrugia (sisters?) singing BIRDY's Strange Birds. Oh no.  n-n-n-n-no! Pretty boring. I'm focusing on the words but there's little else to go on singing wise. She tried and that's all that matters.


1:09:20 - Song #12 - Destiny Chukunyera singing Arethra Franklin's Think. Oh... Em... Gee! FREEDOM! Best singer so far! Big girls with big voices... And sass! She didn't get too soulful but enough for us to feel the spirit! She makes me THINK - can she win?

1:13:10 - Song #13 - Gabrielle Portelli singing Julie Andrew's I Could Have Danced All Night. This song could easily have been remastered into some swedish house song that Avicii or Calvin Harris could've put a singer on. lol That's what little Gabrielle made me think. Now, when she becomes a big star in Malta she can reflect on this performance as the start of her stardom but not the start of her winning streak. Sounds like she's sing in a school talent show, not a international song comepetition that over 30 million people will see. I wonder if Baby Gaga could sing it like the real Lady Gaga did? 

Part 4... And they're just NOW giving out the voting numbers. Feeling drowsey. Gotta pop some pills.

Vitamin C and Gensing pills that is.

And Another Generic Logo! (when Malta hosted last year) Could Malta win again?

1:21:15 - Song #14 - Haley Azzopardi singing Jennifer Holiday's And I'm Telling You (I'm Not Going). She sounds like a white girl sing a black girl's song... Wait for it... Because she is a white girl singing a black girl's song. (see Ann Sophie's Black Smoke) Cool that the crowd sung along with her.

1:25:15 - Song #15 - Amy Marie Borg singing Sarah Brightman's Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again. Another princess (see tiara) singing a showtune. Good or nah? I'm not sure but I like it. And her dress and bracelets did her some Justice. Now, help her say GOOOOODBYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

1:29:10 - Song #16 - Rebecca Scicluna Rizzo singing Ella Henderson's Yours. Good song for her voice. She seems lovely. Not a winner but you'll remember. You are hers.

1:33:00 - Song #17-  Isaac Mercieca singing Lara Fabian;s Mama. A strong song by Daneil Testa Jr. lol His vocal presentation isn't great but it is enough.

1:36:55 - Song #16 - Victoria Sciberras singing Micheal Buble's Feeling Good. Mariah Carey part 2! lol @ the trumpet players in the back. I love the plastic garb she's wearing.


Well folks. Here's some meme's to pass the time!

Well... Wanna know who won...

Just kidding. Destiny won.

 Singing Arethra Franklin's Think.

Can't wait for your new song! Love ya, girl!

G-Friend's Album "FLOWER BUD" & Comback On The 23rd

In case you've forgotten them...

I like the title already - FLOWER BUD. Like a refreshing and innocent way of calling a beautiful friendship. The bubblegum feels are strong with the title alone and I'm glad for that.

Maybe this be a pleasant and sweet album of happiness. #iUseNiceWords

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Junior Eurovisoin: No Lilla Melodifestivalen This Year!

Along with Cyprus. Sweden is dropping out of the JESC this year. :( Probably took cues from Denmark and Finland seeing the Scandis can't do well in this Slavic.

Maybe, they canceled it to help pay for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden in the Ericsson Globe Arena!

Kpop: 9MUSES - Wild


I just made a topic on their new song but I gotta showcase the coolness and fashion-savy of Wild.

Unneccessay electronia and video setup worth the 4/5 Red Lipstick Containers!

9MUSES - Wild

Kpop: Dalshab... I Mean 9Muses - Hurt Locker

See what I did there? lol

Finally! A song better than WILD! I've almost given up on these models turned singers but the bollywood-feels and high color bring me back! Dancable beat and a good scandinavian melody. Worth the listen.

Only thing bad about it is that I put "Wild" as their HIGHEST expectation.

And that expectation will stay.

9MUSES - Hurt Locker

Kpop: MinX with Love Shake


Not the greatest song but a good catchy ditty! Typical kpop that'll get stuck in your head! Woot!

3.5/5 Cheap Setup Props!

MinX - Love Shake

Kpop: Girl Groups... Y U Suh Average

SISTAR... With "Shake It" An OKAY song with the occasional rump shake

Girl's Day... With "Ring My Bell" Good budget. Mediocre song. And a black man/asian in blackface.

And the culprit of note...


Girl's Generation... With "Party" A good song... For a debut girl group!

Why are yall so average!?

I heard that the Wonder Girls' comback is in August (hopefully 16th - my 25th birthday!) so the Queens of Kpop will teach these girl groups how to werk it!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Eurovision (Open)

Stay tuned for more updates!

List of all countries that [might] pop up in Sweden 2016.

- Austria (failed and former host country) - Yep. We're back with the same old, same old.
*- Australia - If the EBU wills it.
- Belgium - The cheap station VRT will have a Eurosong with 5 acts... Here's what they brought us the last 2 times (Fat man with Mother issues and A wilted flower singing something forgettable)
*- China - Unsure. EBU says they don't want to... And that's a lie.
*- Croatia - Winner of The Voice competition would represent but not officially confirmed.
- Denmark - MGP Dansk is gonna be the NS to watch!
- Estonia - TBA
- Finland - UMK may be back
- France - Regardless of a undeserved bad result, they're back with France 2
- Germany - They will use their NS again.
- Hungary - A Dal 2016 will happen, so Hungary will happen. Duh.
- Ireland - TBA
- Latvia - Why wouldn't they?
- Malta - TBA
*- Montenegro - Might drop out due to the EBU dropping the jury vote without explanation.
- The Netherlands - They will use their mostly successful internal selection method.
- Norway - MPG Norsk!
-  Spain - They're back but the entry WILL be in Spanish. (And I'm happy for them)
- Sweden (host country) - OF COURSE! DUH! I wouldn't even be surprised if Alcazar planned on going to Melodifestivalen 2016
- Turkey (returning country since leaving in 2013) - Finally put their issues with the rule changes aside and decided to join us!
- Ukraine - Russia didn't win. They're feeling confident about next year.
- United Kingdom - Maybe a NS? Maybe by Simon Cowell?

NS or NF - National Selection/Final
*may or may not participate
**will NOT perticipate

Stealing A Few Articles from Wiwibloggs...

1. Alexander Rybak, Maria Mittet (formerly Haukaas Storeng), and friends not worth mentioning are having a Marry Christmas music tour coming up November... If you care...

2. SPAIN - Soyara says "no" to Eurovision. Good thing. We have juries now. lol Still didn't help Edurne much. lol

3. Should Petra Mede host Eurovision... Again? Hell f*ck yeah! Show those automatons how to host a REAL event.

It's Conchita Wurst... And her special needs robotic friends!

4. INTERNET - Wiwibloggs host Y'Allvision jk Wiwivision Song Contest! Finally, a fan made contest ppl will actually watch!

5. MONTENEGRO - Y'all cut our jury votes! We might not come back! Sound the alarm... :( for Balkan ballads.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

As we all know, news does effect music. It seemed important to post this about Russia's "saber rattling". 40 ballistic nuclear missles? At "threat" countries along it's borders? Is this defense or offence?

Should let you know that the Russian song competition is still happening.

Conchita's Still Relevent: Tel Aviv Gay Pride on Logo TV

Conchita's Still Relevent: Tel Aviv Gay Pride on Logo TV

NewNowNext pride festival showcased many other LGBT acts but The Queen of Europe was the ONLY one we wanted too see (where's Dana International).


The parade ended at the
waterfront Clore Park, where
performances went on through the
night. Hosted by popular drag
artist Uriel Yekutiel, the concert
was headlined by Austria’s
Conchita Wurst, winner of the
2014 Eurovision Song Contest.

Seriously.  Where is Dana International?  Ding Dong, say something!

Here's Conchita and Dana performing at Eurovision Greatest Hits on the BBC singing Rise Like A Pheonix and ABBA's Waterloo.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Caribbean Song Contest All4One... The Have Their Own Eurovision Yall!

And with a french translator! Just like the real thing! :D Watch the 2013 version with me!

The 3rd one takes place in October, according to

Kpop: CL - Dr. Pepper feat. OG Maco, Diplo, RiFF RAFF



She sounds like any other female rapper from the US but still worth a good listen. She's got that flow that make ya go and it shows that her debut (whenever it migh be. The BBC is assuming it'll be very soon. Is it enough to compete with Iggy Azelia and Nikki Manaj? Maybe but there's still work for her. Hopefully she can succeed so Park Bom and the rest of 2ne1 can get a job. lol No really, YG said her success means 2ne1'll debut in the USA this Fall/Winter.

All yall Blackjacks better get on it! How much do you love the Baddest Female?

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kallay Saunders Band's Debut Song: Victory

And I (and is a month late!

Don't say I didn't give you anything.

Adam Lambert might have changed his sound but Andras' new band - Kallay Saunders Band - found it and launched it for us. "Victory" is about overcoming for the sake of glory and self-independence and this song shows this... Somewhat.

Kallay Saunders Band could pretty much handle themselves without the "band" part. I was excited when they release a cover to Mr. Probz "Waves" but damn... There was talent and there was Victory.

Victory isn't a victory.

Sounds like most euro rock these days in an average way. Not good nor bad. Just... There. His band needs an unique sound. Hopefully, he'll compete in A Dal 2016 and give us a stronger song but this is good enough for now. Just knowing he's- I meant the BAND - is doing new music and that's a good thing. More exsposure leads to testing out new styles and better music.

Can't say I didn't have high expectations after his 3 A Dal attempts and his top 5 success in the Eurovison 2014 grand final. That should've been enough exposure.

Kallay Saunders Band - Victory gets 6/10 stars from me.

Here's his song "Running" if you need a reminder.

Junior Eurovision 2015: Junior Songfestival 2015 in Neatherlands Is Underway!

Or rather it's been going on for a nice 2 months.

The finalists have already been chosen and the videos are avalible for the auditions. Sadly, I wanted to give my honest opinon on how a bunch of kids from a different part of the world as I am are doing in this serious competiton when...

The YouTube comments were disabled.

But, blog comments aren't! :P

Audition #1: LISten - Start
     I was fortunate to be born right after the musical sh*tstorm of the 1980s were over. Sadly, dutch children have to indure it once again with "Start". Though, not a bad audition (none of the finalist are... Why would any finalist suck?) it brought up bad memories my daddy's sperm cell had to face... Thankfully, he was into Hip Hop.

Still a nice song though. 3/5

Audition #2: Shalisa - Million Lights
     Lovely girl. Lovely voice. But the repetitive chorus and long 3 1/2 minute performance was... Lackluster to say the most. I understand this was a kids singing audition but some adult who helped her should have known that shade was abound...

 And the nail in the coffin... The clap...

Friday, June 5, 2015

Melodifestivalen: YOHIO Said WHAAAAT!?

Dissing kpop and Big Bang? :o


There are BIG differences between kpop and jpop.

  • Jpop
    • Crazy
    • Hyper music and epic rock music
    • Made mostly for anime (Japanese cartoons)
  • Kpop
    • Americanized and Globalized
    • Lots of boybands and girlbands
    • Sucks at rock music

YOHIO, while Swedish, does Jpop/Jrock music and is a purist so it's understandable why he doesn't like BIG BAND, the biggest boyband in Korea. The sounds in BIG BANG are kind of harsh and clubby... But why the dislike? Why ALL of Kpop? Yes, it's heavily commercialized and manufactured but damn THAT'S IT'S F*CKING CHARM! lol

Seriously, YOHIO needs to show up either on Music Station in japan or Melodifestivalen 2016. Either way, I miss ya - don't like your opinion but I miss ya and SKY*LIMIT - and will await your next album.

Kpop Rumor: Girl's Generation (SNSD) Preparing For USA Debut

Could be lies spread but the rumor mill grows. I have no sources but SM Entertainment has been subltle with the idea even after thier failed attempt with Boys. SM Entertainment seems to be waiting to see how 2ne1's CL USA debut will fare before trying any ideas.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Simon Cowell and Mans Zermelow Both Say The UK Sucks!

... And they need to change their song selections!

Whether it's Melodifestivalen styled or X-Factor styled, it's better than BBC styled. The music should represent the britsh music industry with professional interests. Hopefully yall will give me more than just Russia and Sweden to root for. Even Ireland is on my radars... And they're not on anyone elses.

New Conchita Wurst Beard App... Now, We can ALL rise like a pheonix!

"Would you like to look like Conchita Wurst who won Eurovision last year? Would you like to Rise Like A Phoenix? If the answer is: “Yes”, this app is definitely created for you."

I actually have a beard so the app's no good for me...

But you might like it.

Check it out from the Apple App Store and Android App Store.

Or, if you're unlucky, you can make your own from the Window Phone App Store. No phone left behind.

And kiss my black a** if you have a battered Black(and blue)berry phone. Yall can download APKs anyway. (Android apps)

Kpop: M!Countdown episode 427

You can watch it here (torrent) or look below for individual performances from Youtube.

Song #1: Sweet Revenge - Fly High
     Don't really care for K-rock music since the Japanese do it WAAAAYYY better but this was pretty decent. Some girly bubblegum rock to hold you down for a listen. 3/5

Song #2: SEVENTEEN - Adore U
     THEIR FIRST SONG but they've been around forever! Another kpop boyband song but the fanchants keep going! Regardless of how tired you might get of these songs, the fans never do. I wont complain. GET PAID! If it ain't broke don't fix it. lol The electronica beats do this song some justice.

Song #3: A.KOR - Black
     I wonder how Mnet felt about the marijuana earrings. Hmm. lol But this has american hip hop swagger from two females rapping over a carribean beat but still keeping that basic korean flavor. I see how yall do - pretty alright. If it's fake, yall fake it well. 4/5

Song #4: HOTSHOT - Watch Out
     Must be a message for the fangirls. Their choreo was pretty legit and the song is a pretty good warm up for...

Song #5: The Ark - The Light
      It's been a month since their tv and MV debut but the song keeps going strong. All kpop performances wind down after so many plays but I know it'll be a while before anyone gets over this song because "We're in this for life, yeah!"

Song #6: HALO - While you were sleeping
     While like most korean boybands do the same type of songs that other boybands do, HALO, I think, is developing their own style. It could be coincidence but their songs are starting to follow a trend of their own. Could be me though. 3/5

      What I want? What I need? Is more songs like this. Typical basic LED stick setup and OOOOHHHHH! Anyone saw that rollerskate Sketchers shoes move? Woot! That did it for me. ha 4/5

Song #8: BESTie - Excuse Me
    You're excused. Nice melody but where's the sass? There's a little there but not enough that this song calls for. I understand BESTie are trying to prove they're grown women but this screams "My titties just developed! Look at me! LOOK AT ME!!! Ms. Independent!" Still a good song though. 3/5

Song #9: Boys Republic - Hello (COMEBACK STAGE)
    Guitar rifts and a bunch of Big Bens in the background make for a cheep set up but it was effective. Looking for a hit, it's not here. Fangirls are getting a field day from the falling ashen flower petals which do add a lovely effect. 3/5

Song #10: CLC - CUPID
    People are getting tired of the song without getting tired of this new girlband from. They shot our hearts and we're still bleeding love! I think we know who made the best of two CUPIDs. 4/5

Song #11 HIGH4 - Baby Boy
    Soft trap hip hop beat with lots of melody. Sounds a little Scandi pop to me and that's a good thing. Hopefully they will get into similar type songs and keep us "high" as a kite. 3/5

Song #12: HISTORY - Might Just Die
    Piano rifts and super shiney hair doos. They're creating a a dark moods with the black and grey striped suits with Jesus necklaces but is that enough? It works commercially but we know commercial doesn't equal good. Even the shirt lift/show abs did little for the crowd. 2/5

Song #13: CLC - Like
    Another potential hit for this new girl group. Gotta love the preteen wardrobe and the staging that fills the stage... Even without an actually setup. The bubble storm in the end really adds to the girly awesomeness of this group! Thank Cube Entertainment on the way out. 4/5

Song #14: MONSTA X - Trespass
    WARNING! WARNING! You gotta excuse their charisma! Move out the way! 3.5/10

Song #15: N.Flying - Awesome
     I'd call this cool or nice, swell even, but not awesome. A good attempt with the rousing "nah nah nha nah nah" but this rock band is a little too pop for the sound they're going for. Korea likes them  but internationally... Is left to be desired. 3/5

Song #16: Jun Hyo Seong - Into You
    The intro reminds me of I'll Be There by the Spice Girls. What is that funky fruity whine called? I don't know but it works for her. And I'm happy to finally see a solo act and ever happier that solo act is actually involved with the back up dancers. One the best performances on the show. 4/5

Song #17 - JJY BAND - OMG
     OMG is right! FINALLY! Some good Krock music! And the flames... THE FLAMES! Everything is right with this act and these dudes need to keep on acting! 4.5/5

Song #18: Kim Sung Kyu - Kontrol
     Could it be the melody lemon drops? I don't know what it is but it's good. 4/5

Song #19: KARA - CUPID
     Not as good a CLCs CUPID... Actually, it's just as good. CLC went girly for theirs and KARA went... KARA's always had those Jpop influnces and it shows here. Not as strong as their other songs but still worth the listen. 3.5/5

Song #20: EXO - Love Me Right (COMEBACK STAGE)
     The stage setup is a water down version of their usual stages but still pretty cool withe the words written on the foggy windows. Not sure what the house plants are for... To make it smell good? Or maybe an over zealous fan that's a botanist. lol Either way, they're viving for love which they already had and the crowd loves it. Nice job. 4/5

Song #21: SHINee - View
     So much momentum and I'm not saying that because I'm a shawol. House music mania and the bigh white balls... They got balls! And the glitter falling from the ceiling... I'ma stop. And just rate it. 4.5/5

Song #22: BIG BANG - We Like To Party (COMEBACK STAGE)
    It's BIG BANG... Do I need to explain? Lots of large white plants and flowers and mirrors which give it that effect you expect from the awesomeness that is Kpop music! The rock music bangs like I'm in a bar or outside with friends and if I play this others would join in a jam with us on the beach sipping on Coronas and coolers and BBQing in the bonfire. WORTHY! 4.5/5

     ALL CAPS HYPE! If you don't like the crazy hyphy club music, this is NOT for you! This is the voice of a generation that only that gerneration can f*cking understand. Eurphoria and pandimonia spreads and infects and inflicts everyone within earshot and everyone else catching contact! If you're not jumping then you either don't like the noise or you're cripple and I understand. The stage is a big, velet, and gold just like the band themselves. It looks expensive, it feels expensive, and I like this luxe life! BANG BANG BANG! 5/5

Winner of the week: SHINee vs KARA... SHINee wins this week with View.

Who should've won this week? Take this poll! (Even though I have NO followers)