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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kpop: Wonder Girl's Official Teaser For "I Feel You"... My feels are STRONG!


Good: WONDER GIRLS IS BACK! Need to say more? From Sunmi's open crouch zoom in to the party inside of her sugar place! And that 80s theme though! I see high quality from my unnies!

Bad: Using the 80s theme is a safe choice but I fear for the song considering the 80s wasn't the best time for music. JYP never disappoints when it comes to songs but will it be enough? Can this song compete with Girl's Generation's Party when it comes to the hype factor?

Ugly: lol There's a party inside Sunmi's croutch! AND WE'RE ALL INVITED! Sex laced videos ftw! (Kpop subtle sexy, not USA pop sexy...)

Rihanna finally got her money...

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