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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kpop: SHINee's View
OMG! SHINee is back! With a new sound... Well, it's House music so it's nothing new.

But they're back so IDGAF!!!

It's comeback season for most big names (Big Bang and BTS) and commercial releases for others who want to rack up funds for their soon-to-be epic comeback stages (BoA and Girls Generation).

If the fan girls didn't want the penis before, they'll want it now. A man telling his girl that she's a beautiful view view view view view in this brainwashing way makes it happen.

Anyone older than 13 knows what "it" is.

They know.

If she doesn't, she will. #rape

LDN Noise, who is known for writing "Sniper" for Shinhwa and the new song from Nathan Sykes called "Kiss Me Quick", wrote and produced this song along with Jonghyun. Jonghyun may not have outdone Taemin's Danger but his recent successes make up for it.

Here's SHINee's commercial release when they were trying to pay for their comeback.

SHINee - Your Number (Dance Version)

And Jonghyun's debut Crazy:

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