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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Junior Eurovision 2015! (Open)

All The Countries

1. Albania - Mishela Rapo - Dambaje (Goddess Crop)

2. Armenia - Michael Varosyan - Song date TBA

3. Belarus - Artists for NS are choosen - August 21st

4. Bulgaria (host country)* song will be in Bulgarian - NS - All artists reveal on July 1st

5. FYR of Macedonia - TBA

6. Georgia* song will be in Georgian

7. Ireland (debut country)* song will be in Irish Gaelic. Possible Eurosong contest.

8. Italy - Internal Selection on Ti lascio una canzone - September 12th

9. Malta (host of 2014)

10. Montenegro - Jana Mirković will represent with the song "Oluja" (Storm)

11. Russia - will use NS to choose participant

12. The Netherlands the song will be in Dutch and selections are on October 3

13. Slovenia* the song will be in Slovene - Kids version of EMA will be the NS

14. Sweden*  Participation is unlikely - No Lila Melodifestivalen this year.

15. Ukraine - Artists for NF are chosen - Aug. 22

*To Be Announced

Other Updates, Rumors, And Withdraws:

-  Andorra -

Where is Andorra? Wont be at the JESC. They're broke.
-  Armenia - They'll decide in June.
- Austria - Hell no, we wont go!.
- Czech Republic - Nope
- Germany - NDR says no but ZDF might.
- Hungary - They wanted to so they checked out the Belarusian NS in 2014 to learn how to make a national selection... Wanna watch it?
- Iceland - It is too cold to send outside. Much less, to a song contest. Even Hera Bjork needed warmers!
- Latvia - No sir! Saving our money for Supernova!
- Lithuania - No. And I hope you fail!
-  Montenegro -
RTCG: Hmm. Seems legit. We'll try it!
- Norway - There's no MGP Nordic anymore and we're still clinging on to MGP Jr... Might as well.
- Romania - *asleep* Gotta wait until they wake up.
- San Marino - Maybe. We can pick a song. Maybe. People will actually vote for use. Maybe.
- Serbia - Wait til the Eurovision confetti settles and we'll see if it's worth another go.
- Ukraine - I don't know. Maybe. Crimera warring wont our sponsors. Maybe. We'll send a diva to rock the mic. Maybe. We can make Rusalana baby sized. Maybe.
- Spain -
 TVE - 2007! 2007! But since then, you've been playing, EBU! Lemme in!

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