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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Winner Of Eurovision Is... Sweden!

If you didn't watch and was living under a soundproof rock on Saturday, you'd know the Scandinavians have done it aging. This is Sweden's 6th success making this the land of meatballs' the 2nd winningest country behind the always classic Ireland. (Better yall better work on that Eurosong now, like Johnny Logan said.)
Because Melfest does not play.

Simple yet effective, his laser projection stick figure buddy and he's I've-only-got-one-shot-in-me dance moves brought light to an otherwise dead competition of depressed screaming cats in heat.

I'M A WARRIOAAAHHHH! HIYIEYIEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH! Mi corazon! Gimo muchas veces! Le gusta cuando mi brest resuenan?

That was a dumb joke but you got it.

SVT (the swedish tv station that deals with swedish eurovison and Melfest) has already started making plans and will talk with Jon Ola Sand as his homies about letting Denmark or another Scandi win next years Eurovison Song Contest. Details are next month and you'll know when I tell you.

Until then, here's this years' euro and Euro of years past.


2014 (bearded lady in this one too!)

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