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Monday, May 23, 2016


Bad: It's americanized pop trying to do kpop and sounds like a mess. How the natural sounds of a the bass guitar and drums and snare start to clash with the synth music ruins it from being a good song. What's with the dancers though. Hope she's not doing her Comeback Stage with cheap modern ballet dancers looking like rich chicks pulled from yoga class in New York City who happened to have a little free time. Talk about convenient timing! g

Good: It's emotional and it's Jessica Jung from SNSD (Girls Generation) so all their fans in America will be swarming to her. The MV tales a story of a woman and her plant and how, with a little TLC, her cactus plant grew into something bigger than itself. I like how playful and carefree Jessica was in the video and how she didn't use Aegeyo to be cute. (I like aegeyo but some groups overuse it and it looks cartoonish... Who am I kidding!?)

Ugly: Love and care didn't make that plant grow. Steroids! She took a nap (not sleep, nap) and there's a jungle in her house! Madness!

Or Jessica's aegeyo game is that good. She makes all they guys swoon - even the gay ones! SM Ent. taught her well.

7.5/10 prickly baby cactus spines

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