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Monday, May 23, 2016

Eurovision Rant! An American TRYING To Watch Eurovision 2016

First, I want to congratulate Jamala from Ukraine, Dami Im from Australia, and (my fav) Sergey Lazarev from Russia for beasting ESC this year and wrecking my feels.

Now to me fussing about nothing...

I had to use a VPN and watch the BBC One commentary of Garham Norton (who is amazing). Now, I gotta use a VPN again just to watch clips on YouTube? Ugh. I'll telling my buddies not to watch the LOGO stream next year. All new fans can have the wonky LOGO stream that would completely freeze and I'd have to refresh the page every 10-15mins! What?

I guess since I had a slow stream I had a hard time but I was still able to watch on and on YouTube last year with that slow internet.

Folks! Forget this petition and download a VPN Extension on Chome store or Firefox and watch on and YouTube next year. Viacom is gonna pull new ppl anyway and the Eurofans don't matter at this point. Viacom is old fashioned and out of touch with what the other broadcasters around the world are doing. Accept this and move on, people!


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