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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

JESC: Ukraine Finalist Preview Reactions

Hannah Katrina - Fly

She could do alright. Sounds a little UNICEF for Africa ish but it's likable.

Alisa Panchuk - Spivay

Good voice but the song is like meh.

Sofia Dobryvecher - My Khochemo Myru

Weird notes. Is the heart important in her performance? We'll see on Saturday.

Voice Land - Dytnstvo

Nice name. They remind me of San Marino's The Pepperments from last year's JESC. They sound like hot mess but that may change.

Nina Boikova - Rozmalyuy Moyi Sny

I've faith in her. I'm interested in what that art set in the background is about.

Victoriya Svyatogor - Sylna. Vilna.

Sounds like it came straight out of Ukraine. If it gets picked, would Europe like it? IDK.

Fresh - Zhyvy Na Povnu

It's Symphonik with a more fun song. Lots of jumping. Might be lost though.

Anna Trincher - Pochny z Sebe

She'll do ok. I love that she doesn't over do it. She's got a good voice.

Yarina Taras - Povir u Chudesa

Grabbed me instantly. I like the stand she's on. Looks like she stole Symphonik and made them her backup singers. lol

Sofia Yaremova - Salsa

Mixed reaction about this one but Ukraine is known for revamping songs so this could do very well if remade.

Mariya Karogodska - V Sertsi Muzyka Ye

My fav so far. Something that kids would like. Love the concepts and the light up shoes. lol Very colorful personality.

Nazar Stinyanskiy - Come On

He's got something going on. Good voice.

Zabava - Lety

Reminds me of Symphonik... Not promising. Don't get me wrong but this songs like the song Symphonik would've followed up on.

Anastasiya Tkachuk - Moya Zemlya

Slavic but sounds Iberian. I can feel the sun and sand when the beat drops in. lol But am I the only one? Hmm. But Hey HEY!

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