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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Kpop: CL/Diplo/Riff Raff/OG Maco - Doctor Pepper MV

Oh come on! You watched it only for CL. Not Diplo or the other dude.

B*TCH I GUESSED IT! ... And I was right, wasn't I?

CL's beat dropped a couple of months ago but the video is here! Keep a open mind as this is not a Kpop song but a Kpop artist doing an American hip hop song collab, please? So tired of the kpop stans giving this so much hate. I'm judging her as if she were a hip hop artist in America for that reason.

Also, THIS IS NOT HER USA DEBUT. Don't get sad over this song.

The Good: Catchy as faq. Like the monotone melody (if that exists) and ratchet delivery of CL's verse. Riff Raff and OG Maco held their own as well.

The Bad: Basic hip hop song. She sounds like any other rapper and leaves me feeling unconvinced. I know CL for her usual awesomeness but most Americans don't know who she is yet. I'm not worried because she is getting good exposure for this song but will the kpop fans be with her? I don't know.

The Ugly: IT'S A COLLAB! Keep the high expections low for any hip hop collab. It's just a simple showcase for rappers. Nothing more. You know the GBZ, The Baddest Female, can do better than that.

I give this 3 out of 5 Blinded Pikachus

Now where my bad girls at? Where you at?

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