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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Europop... Sighs... Where Do I Begin.

Why I don't commit to Europop you ask? Well...

There's too many scene!!!

Scandipop, Dutch pop, French pop, Iberian pop (Spain and Portugal), Greece/Cyprus pop, Balkan pop (Serbia, Montenegro and others), Slavic pop (Moldova, Ukraine, Poland, and so many others), Turkish music, and *shakes in fear* Russian music.

And there's enough Russian music coverage for days.

I CAN'T DO IT! Oh no no no! lol

Kpop is a world by itself.

Eurovision is manageable and lets me cover some Europop

Now I'm not saying I'm gonna stop at those two; I just need a plan to post and talk about the music I love without being going on blogging overload. MVs, Teasers, Reviews, and details on the music market and the artists themselves takes a lot from you. That being said, don't expect a miracle any time soon.

With Bitter Love,


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