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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kpop: ANDA - Touch MV Korean Miley Cyrus!!!


The Good: Sensual sexy but not sloppy sexy. Fanboys, run away! This is for the ladies but it's not lesbian! Good for a house party full of red cups and one night stands. She stands above the rest of solo korean artists.

And that dance though! "cause if you gone be mine/you don't have to waste your time

The Bad: It's americanized and the fanboys aren't gonna feel it. Plus, kpop females are about playing with the idea of sex but never giving it all up. She's not offense - actually, it's quite tasteful outside the booty pops and the Rihanna-style crotch patdowns - but there's not a lot of fantasy. A lot of fun but no fantasy.

The Ugly: Anda had some FUUUUN! with this vid. You can tell she's no big time idol but she'd have fun at least charting on Mnet and Melon... And that's hard to do

3.5/5 Handclaps.

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