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Monday, August 3, 2015

Eurovision: Tamar Kaprelin - The Otherside

6 Eurovision Stars Come Together For a Song.

And it's actually GOOD! (Better than Genealogy!)

American member Tamar Kaprelin brought together Genealogy bandmate from Japan Stephanie Topalian, Elhaida Dani (Albania), Elina Born (Estonia), & Maria Elena Kyriakou (Greece) got togehter for a basic ballad about seeing another's pain... From the other side.


The Good: Tamar had 4 other Eurovision stars got together and made a song and it WASN'T A MESS! :O 12 points to her! The song had a natural feel that sounds like it was made and agreed over a cup of coffee in the morning, then they turned it into a UNICEF style international number.

Here are some examples if you don't know what I meant meant by UNICEF style songs


But it's a good song.

The Bad: Basic ballad. The message if beautiful and if even just one person in the world could hear it and it inspires them then it did it's job. Sadly, nothing new. (see songs above).

The Ugly: lol Tamar got 4 Eurovision participants with little to no chance of winning ESC 2015 (Sorry, Elina.) to sing with her.

Score: 3/5 ESC Participants

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