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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kpop: SHINee - Married To The Music MV Craziness

Oh my GERD. The violence! The horror! The confetti!

I'm downplaying it but there was some serious violence. Shawols - you love your idols too much? Look away. These dudes are getting DECAPITATED and it is AWESOME!

Eyeballs getting knocked out.

Lips snatched off of faces.

Heads chopped off.

Noses ripped out.

Vomiting confetti!

Not for the Faint of Shawol heart.

The Good: Odd and funky beat the fits with the "Odd" album title in a good way. It feels like a follow up from "View" (I'ma keep mentioning that video, so sue me) but it's a good one. Key gets more sing parts here and we'll all been wanting that. Taemin and Jonghyun have hogged the spotlight for every other vid and now Key gets a chance. :)

The Bad: Cartoonish violence and the sensitive SHINee fans that watch it. Seriously, look away and wait for their comeback stage. Your hearts will thank you.

The Ugly: Hey! Halloween ain't until 2 months from now but Taemin already got his costume... No wait. That's his make up everyday. lol *cheap joke* Wonder if Koreans will love this song on October 31st or will BOYFRIEND do it again like last year.

What did vampires had to do with witches? Do BOYFRIEND fangirls care? NOPE!

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