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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Eurovision (Open)

Stay tuned for more updates!

List of all countries that [might] pop up in Sweden 2016.

- Austria (failed and former host country) - Yep. We're back with the same old, same old.
*- Australia - If the EBU wills it.
- Belgium - The cheap station VRT will have a Eurosong with 5 acts... Here's what they brought us the last 2 times (Fat man with Mother issues and A wilted flower singing something forgettable)
*- China - Unsure. EBU says they don't want to... And that's a lie.
*- Croatia - Winner of The Voice competition would represent but not officially confirmed.
- Denmark - MGP Dansk is gonna be the NS to watch!
- Estonia - TBA
- Finland - UMK may be back
- France - Regardless of a undeserved bad result, they're back with France 2
- Germany - They will use their NS again.
- Hungary - A Dal 2016 will happen, so Hungary will happen. Duh.
- Ireland - TBA
- Latvia - Why wouldn't they?
- Malta - TBA
*- Montenegro - Might drop out due to the EBU dropping the jury vote without explanation.
- The Netherlands - They will use their mostly successful internal selection method.
- Norway - MPG Norsk!
-  Spain - They're back but the entry WILL be in Spanish. (And I'm happy for them)
- Sweden (host country) - OF COURSE! DUH! I wouldn't even be surprised if Alcazar planned on going to Melodifestivalen 2016
- Turkey (returning country since leaving in 2013) - Finally put their issues with the rule changes aside and decided to join us!
- Ukraine - Russia didn't win. They're feeling confident about next year.
- United Kingdom - Maybe a NS? Maybe by Simon Cowell?

NS or NF - National Selection/Final
*may or may not participate
**will NOT perticipate

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