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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Kallay Saunders Band's Debut Song: Victory

And I (and is a month late!

Don't say I didn't give you anything.

Adam Lambert might have changed his sound but Andras' new band - Kallay Saunders Band - found it and launched it for us. "Victory" is about overcoming for the sake of glory and self-independence and this song shows this... Somewhat.

Kallay Saunders Band could pretty much handle themselves without the "band" part. I was excited when they release a cover to Mr. Probz "Waves" but damn... There was talent and there was Victory.

Victory isn't a victory.

Sounds like most euro rock these days in an average way. Not good nor bad. Just... There. His band needs an unique sound. Hopefully, he'll compete in A Dal 2016 and give us a stronger song but this is good enough for now. Just knowing he's- I meant the BAND - is doing new music and that's a good thing. More exsposure leads to testing out new styles and better music.

Can't say I didn't have high expectations after his 3 A Dal attempts and his top 5 success in the Eurovison 2014 grand final. That should've been enough exposure.

Kallay Saunders Band - Victory gets 6/10 stars from me.

Here's his song "Running" if you need a reminder.

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