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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stealing A Few Articles from Wiwibloggs...

1. Alexander Rybak, Maria Mittet (formerly Haukaas Storeng), and friends not worth mentioning are having a Marry Christmas music tour coming up November... If you care...

2. SPAIN - Soyara says "no" to Eurovision. Good thing. We have juries now. lol Still didn't help Edurne much. lol

3. Should Petra Mede host Eurovision... Again? Hell f*ck yeah! Show those automatons how to host a REAL event.

It's Conchita Wurst... And her special needs robotic friends!

4. INTERNET - Wiwibloggs host Y'Allvision jk Wiwivision Song Contest! Finally, a fan made contest ppl will actually watch!

5. MONTENEGRO - Y'all cut our jury votes! We might not come back! Sound the alarm... :( for Balkan ballads.

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