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Saturday, June 6, 2015

Junior Eurovision 2015: Junior Songfestival 2015 in Neatherlands Is Underway!

Or rather it's been going on for a nice 2 months.

The finalists have already been chosen and the videos are avalible for the auditions. Sadly, I wanted to give my honest opinon on how a bunch of kids from a different part of the world as I am are doing in this serious competiton when...

The YouTube comments were disabled.

But, blog comments aren't! :P

Audition #1: LISten - Start
     I was fortunate to be born right after the musical sh*tstorm of the 1980s were over. Sadly, dutch children have to indure it once again with "Start". Though, not a bad audition (none of the finalist are... Why would any finalist suck?) it brought up bad memories my daddy's sperm cell had to face... Thankfully, he was into Hip Hop.

Still a nice song though. 3/5

Audition #2: Shalisa - Million Lights
     Lovely girl. Lovely voice. But the repetitive chorus and long 3 1/2 minute performance was... Lackluster to say the most. I understand this was a kids singing audition but some adult who helped her should have known that shade was abound...

 And the nail in the coffin... The clap...

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