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Friday, June 5, 2015

Melodifestivalen: YOHIO Said WHAAAAT!?

Dissing kpop and Big Bang? :o


There are BIG differences between kpop and jpop.

  • Jpop
    • Crazy
    • Hyper music and epic rock music
    • Made mostly for anime (Japanese cartoons)
  • Kpop
    • Americanized and Globalized
    • Lots of boybands and girlbands
    • Sucks at rock music

YOHIO, while Swedish, does Jpop/Jrock music and is a purist so it's understandable why he doesn't like BIG BAND, the biggest boyband in Korea. The sounds in BIG BANG are kind of harsh and clubby... But why the dislike? Why ALL of Kpop? Yes, it's heavily commercialized and manufactured but damn THAT'S IT'S F*CKING CHARM! lol

Seriously, YOHIO needs to show up either on Music Station in japan or Melodifestivalen 2016. Either way, I miss ya - don't like your opinion but I miss ya and SKY*LIMIT - and will await your next album.

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